JA Group Products Review

 (Health and Eco World)

JA GROUP—[Health-food]

Heyaxon(specific food)

Heyaxon™ is a gel which improves the swallowing function and is usable by:

1\People with dysphagia (including psycological types) to help swallowing medicines;

2\Children disliking taking medicine;

JA GROUP—[Health-Beauty]

Qingsui 100 minutes mask

1\Only one faical mask which can be used for 100 minutes in the world!

2\No perservatives,No chemical,only have 15ml rosewater from Bulgaria!

3\Lifting and firming;Micro-shape on face!

JA GROUP–[Health]

Baby tableware



pulp tableware


1\bleached white sugarcane pulp;
2\unbleached brown wheat straw pulp;


bio plastic tableware


1\bio based(starch+pp);

2\PLA and CPLA;

Sanitary tissue:
1\toilet tissue,JRT,roll towel,napkin,toilet seat cover,etc;
2\material:recycle,wood pulp,wheat straw,bamboo,TAD,airlaid,etc;

JA Exhibition Schedule

2017 and 2018 ,our exhibition schedule as following:

1\April—Canton fair,second and third phase—Guangzhou,China;

2\May—NRA show(Restaurant and hotel)—-Chicago,USA;

3\Oct—Canton fair,second and third phase—-Guangzhou,China

Welcome to visit us on the fair!