JA GROUP Headquarter introduction








In 1985,JA headquarter was founded in Shenzhen,China.Our annual turnover is around 150 million dollars.

For commercial line:

1、we have 9 branches, 28 subsidiaries, and over 180 offices in whole china for medicine distribution business;

2、we also have distribution business supplying service for hospital;

For manufactory line:

1、we have share stock factory producing pulp tableware,bio-plastic tableware,bio-plastic bag and sanitary tissue over 10 year;

2、In 2016,we established a new factory producing functional food helping people with dysphagia.


JA factories collection

Factory for Heyaxon

Established in 2016!Located in Taizhou city,Jiangsu province!

Daily capacity is 60,000 bags or 180,000 sachets!

Factory for pulp tableware

Established in 2008!Located in Jinan city,Shandong province!

Monthly capacity is around 1000tons;

Factory for sanitary tissue

Established in 2004!Located in Weifang city,Shandong province!

Monthly capacity is around 150*40’hq!


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