IMC Frozen Age Fibroblast Facial Implantation

IMC Frozen Age Fibroblasts Implantation is a technology using microinjection to implant fibroblasts into the dermis layer.  Fibroblasts are the main components of skin and they can secrete three kinds of fibers and matrix.  Fibroblast cells have smart growth capabilities and elevated activity, they can promote autologous collagen regeneration and support sustainable elastic fiber, thereby increasing the thickness and density of dermis layer, enhancing three-dimensional facial contours, fill local tissue sagging, remove deep wrinkle and skin patch. IMC Frozen のAge Fibroblasts Implantation is a non-surgical stem cell facial-lifting technique which can bring a younger, smoother, radiant, and firm looking skin that can last for 3-5 years.

Fibroblast implantation injection
Comparation(before injection and after injection)
Comparation(before injection、3 days after injection and 1 week after injection)